our story

We created Strummify because we started as frustated learners of music. When learning guitar on your own, the resources for doing so are scarce. Tab websites give poor or no information about the timing of a song, and they sit their statically as you progress, offering no feedback. Meanwhile, the internet is giving other learning topics, from computer science to anthropology, a facelift. We are all self-taught engineers, and believe that learning should be free, fun, and easy. And with Strummify, we hope to provide that experience.



Danny came up with the idea for Strummify in the summer of 2012 while learning computer science through Udacity. He's currently finishing his Masters in Learning, Design and Technology through the School of Education at Stanford.


Patrick is the chief engineer at Strummify and spends most of his time preventing Danny from breaking the server (he has been mostly successful). In his spare time, he studies neuroscience and artificial intelligence.


Kurt is Strummify's chief audio engineer and is currently getting his Ph.D at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics at Stanford University. Kurt enjoys digitizing ancient musical instruments and teaching Stanford undergraduates how to hack music.


Dustin is the director of design at Strummify and also freelances with many other cool projects, including his own startup. An upcoming side project of his will be fatherhood, as his wife is expecting in the next month.


a brief timeline of events


special thanks

Strummify is a team of four, but we would not have made it here without the help of family, friends, and perhaps most importantly, open source programming libraries! Here are people and organizations to whom we are incredibly grateful:

Brett Sims

Brett Sims is the cofounder of Alkali Productions along with cofounder Hilary Bergmmann. They are awesome videographers and people, and we owe them a lot of thanks.

Michael Hartl

Michael Hartl is the author of the most amazing web tutorial on Ruby on Rails. This website was made possible by his tutelage. Thanks Michael, we owe you some beers.

Craig Spence

Craig is the author of what is perhaps the first Javascript tuner. We've been using Craig's tuner since we first started to prototype monophonic detection. Without his work we'd have had to start from scratch.

Paper.js, D3.js

Paper.js is an amazing javascript graphics library. Almost all the animations done in Strummify are done with Paper.js. We also incorporate D3.js and some of its cool helper methods.

Brian Dombrowski

Brian is a longtime friend of Strummify and owns his own amazing startup, Ready Replay. Brian helped us edit our videos because we are mostly incompetent at that.

Charles DeBreteville

Charles is one of Strummify's many musical consultants and also the star of our video series that teaches guitar. Charles is a brilliant musician and philosopher who spends most of his time playing piano and diving deeper into nihilism.

Reece Duca

Without Reece Duca, Strummify would have had no budget. Thanks to his generous donations to the LDT Masters program, we were able to build out what you see today.

Karin Dressler

Karin Dressler is the author of a terrific paper that Strummify uses to decompose polyphonic audio. She also gave us some guidance when it was very much needed.